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Animation illustrating Formation of the Plasmapause by the mechanism of Interchange and its deformation using a time dependent magnetospheric electric field model
Lemaire (1984) Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Brussels
Centre for Space Radiations, Université cath. Louvain, LLN

This movie is a digitalized version of a VHS video produced in 1983, at the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BISA), Brussels. It illustrates the formation of the Plasmapause by the mechanism of the interchange motion which is driven convectively unstable in the night side local time sector due to enhanced magnetospheric convection during substorm events. In this scenario the plasmapause is formed along the surface which is tangent to the Zero-Parallel-Force (ZPF) surface. The time-dependent deformations of the Plasmapause displayed in this film are induced by a Kp-dependent convection electric field model, in response to variations of the level of geomagnetic activity. The dynamical development of "Shoulders" and "Tails" in the equatorial cross section of the Plasmapause were foreseen in these simulations.

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Lemaire's simulations can be accessed by clicking on ftp link

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