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J. Lemaire 17/12/201 at BIRA
  The interaction between the Solar Wind and the geomagnetic field: an update of the current situation
J. Lemaire 16/11/2010 at 7th European Space Weather Week
  Role of non-resonant wave-particle interactions on relativistic electron flux in radiation belts during magnetic storms
J. Lemaire 17/06/2010 at Institute of Space, Astrophysical and Plasma Sciences (ISAPS) National Cheng Kung University Tainan 70101, TAIWAN
  The Impulsive Penetration of Solar Wind plasma elements into Magnetospheres
J. Lemaire 14/09/2009 at European Planetary Science Congress
  Betatron effect on trapped particles during geomagnetic storms
  Slides and handouts of the "power point presentation" given 14 September 2009 by J. Lemaire at the "Earth and Jupiter Radiation Belts" session of the EPSC in Potsdam
It is indicated how the variation of the electron Radiation Belt fluxes observed at low altitude may be explained by combining the standard betatron acceleration mechanism with concomitent non-resonant pitch angle scattering during geomagnetic storms.
The handouts contain also good reason to use McIlwain's L-coordinate, instead of Roederer's L-coordinate in future Radiation Belt modelling activities.
N. Romanova 27/10/2007 at CSR
  Role of ULF wave activity in solar wind-magnetosphere interactions and the acceleration of magnetospheric electrons
Animations 1mHz_logDensity.mpeg, 560_KHI-time-evolution_small[1].avi, CTS0707Animation1.wmv
J. Cabrera July 2006 at COSPAR
  Invariant altitude (hinv) for mapping the radiation belt fluxes in low-altitude environment
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