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CAD conversion from STEP to GDML

A "STEP to GDML" conversion procedure has been developed at CSR.
The conversion is done in three steps :
  1. A python macro is used in FreeCAD to convert STEP geometry in to SLT files.
  2. CADMesh libraries are implemented on the DetectorConstruction::Construct() to read STL files in your GEANT4 geometry.
  3. The GDML parser on GEANT4 is used to write the geometry in GDML format.
In the FreeCAD macro, objects with the same volume are consider to have the same shape. For those objects, only one STL file is created and an info file is generated with placement information of all identical volumes. A picture of all identical volumes is generated to check the validity of the assumption.

Contact:  Dr. Juan Cabrera
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