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Radiation interaction studies with GEANT4

Beside the use of GEANT4 for space radiation detector design, the CSR performs thorough characterisations of radiation-matter interactions. Most of these studies are carried out to:
  • validate cross-section data and models implemented in GEANT4 by comparing simulation predictions to in-beam experimental results;
  • determine the basic mechanisms that cause observed effects in electronic devices or sensors;
  • assess radiation hardness of new materials to given radiation types for a known degradation mode.

  • Within this study program, the CSR has been involved in the test of sensor radiation hardness for the HERSCHEL/PACS and MANGA experiments. The GEANT4 model displayed on the right was built during the evaluation of the degradation of the resolution of the HPGe sensor within the MANGA project. See article in NIMA

    A STEP to GDML conversion procedure has been developped by CSR members

    Contact:  Dr. Juan Cabrera
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