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Image Processing Tools (IPT)

The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUV) images the distribution of He+ in Earth's plasmasphere by detecting its resonantly-scattered emission at 304 Å. It is one of the seven scientific instruments on board of the IMAGE Earth satellite.

Our team has developed the csr_ipt IDL program used to display EUV images and perform a number of image processing operations. The main features of this program are

- Automatic detection of the plamapause boundary
- Transformation of images from cartesian to polar coordinates
- Continuous wavelets transform
- Optical flow

Continuous wavelets transform IDL procedures are the translation of some Matlab macros from the YAW Toolbox provided by the YAWTB group at UCL/FYMA.

Optical flow procedures can be downloaded independently and are the translation of a Matlab code written by Christophe Bernard from Wavelet Art de VivrE (WAVE) group.

A detailed description of the csr_ipt program and the prerequisites can be found in the csr_ipt manual.

As some of the csr_ipt procedures are translations of Matlab macros delivered with a non commercial purposes licence, the license of the csr_ipt program is the General Public License.

Contacts : Dr. Juan Cabrera
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