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Geomagnetic Storm study: trapped energetic electrons and VLF waves

An interdisciplinary study of geomagnetic storms is currently underway at the CSR, LLN, in collaboration with the Intitute of Nuclear Physics at the Moscow State University, the LPCE / CNRS, Orleans, France.
The objective is to examine the dynamical VLF wave spectra observed in the inner magnetosphere by the WHISPER experiment operating on board of the four CLUSTER satellites during a set of geomagnetic storms events when energetic electron flux measurement are available from the Russian CORONAS-F mission. The evolutions of the spatial and spectral distribution in the outer radiation belts will be compared with the simultaneous evolution of the spatial and spectral distribution of the energetic electrons injected, accelerated and trapped in the earth's magnetosphere. This study is expected to improve our understanding of the role played by VLF waves in the acceleration and scattering of electrons in the outer radiation belt and slot region.

  Link to the WHISPER experiment webpage.
  Contacts at CSR : Dr. Sylvie Benck
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